April showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers bring May Flowers!

    I will always be a fall lover, but May is one of my favorite months. It’s is just as beautiful and not yet as hot. Well at least it wasn’t in Colorado! Now we live in a much warmer climate. Which is why I am writing this blog! I apologize that I had to take an elongated break from writing, blogging and social media in order to move across the country. I miss Colorado but I LOVE excitement and adventure. And new places mean new adventures. So, instead of hiking the mountains and writing, I’ll be walking the beach and hiding in the shade as I write in the sand!

     As a result of this new change I am a bit behind on finishing book three but will have it finished and published by the end of Summer or beginning of Fall. I am also planning a new paranormal series in the YA book genre and have hopes to also start a NA series soon as well. But I will be slowing production down a bit. Instead of publishing 3-4 books a year, I am only going to publish two. Mostly because I need to work on other things too include making my content exactly what you need and crave so that I bring you stories you can’t wait to pick. And can’t seem to put down once you do. But I am not quitting any time soon. I love writing and will be bringing you more stories to fill your kindles and shelves. The ideas in my head are endless!

            But I know you want books to hold you over! I will be continuing to send out Newsletter but I am reducing them to once a month unless there is a release of one of my books. Then it will increase. I will continue to send you discounts on great books you will enjoy and awesome giveaways. I will be hosting even more on my Facebook page and Twitter so make sure to follow me there as well. Feel free to contact me at any time. I love hearing from my fans! In the meantime, if you love really good vampire stories (where they don’t sparkle), I have one for you. My friend Tiki Kos has a new book out and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good vampire romance. It’s called Merc Brown and you can purchase it here for only 0.99 cents.

Happy reading and Until next time,