January Ramblings

Hello my lovelies!

     December came and went and now it’s already mid-way into January. I can’t believe how the time has flown. This year has been a crazy, albeit exciting journey. I finished my first full length novel, published and then finished and have set Awoken: The Jewel Trilogy book 2 to release THIS Friday. Book 3 is almost complete as well and will release early summer. I have plans set and mapped for a new series about witches and the fae. I think you will love it.

     Other news, I know I briefly mentioned before we (my family and I) are moving. We are leaving the place we’ve called home for the past five years and are moving to Georgia. Which so happens to be one of my favorite states. And where my new novel series is set. It’s bitter sweet to leave though because I’ve fallen in love with the state of Colorado and its unique beauty, but I am an adventure junkie and am excited to see what awaits me around the next corner. And close to the beach, yay!! I will be investing in tons of sunscreen because I’m ginger but the prospect of writing in the sand as the waves crash into the shore, makes me happy.

    As some of you know my books are written in various places. Over the summer I would hike up trails with beautiful views and then write. Now, due to the chill in the air I’ve been hiking on a treadmill and then slapping the words down after. But I honestly think beauty in words and art are derived from and inspired by the splendor that is naturally made around us.

    So, that is where things are at. I’m going to have another wonderful busy year and I look forward to expanding to do book signings and a few comic conventions (that I already frequent as it is). But I need my loyal readers help! I need you to tell me what you thought of my first two books. Did you like them? What did you think would have made it better? You can let me know one of two ways. You can leave a review on Amazon here. Or you can email me at trishbeninatoauthor@gmail.com. I want to hear your thoughts, because I want to bring you stories that you love. I am always improving. Have a wonderful month! And don't miss out on awoken's release on January 19, 2017! Buy it here.


Until next time,