The Journey

Sometimes I wonder how other authors become inspired to write. For me it starts as a small little idea of something I like or a story I wish had been told and then the characters just present themselves and start talking to me. I know what you are thinking, sounds crazy right? Well- maybe. But crazy makes for a great story.

                  Then I just start writing. And the writing turns into something magical. It’s as if when I write the scenes in my head they are playing like a movie. With Jewel in Acceptance I could hear her hesitation or confusion, even her fear. I let the characters go where thy wanted and tell their story and that is what Jewel and Anubis did. I’ve enjoyed being the storyteller.

                  I started writing while working my day job. I would show up a little early just to get a few paragraphs in and stay later for a few more. With three kids, a husband that was always gone due to work and a full-time job, it was tough, but I realized this was something I truly loved to do. So, I just did it.

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Trish Beninato