April showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers bring May Flowers!

    I will always be a fall lover, but May is one of my favorite months. It’s is just as beautiful and not yet as hot. Well at least it wasn’t in Colorado! Now we live in a much warmer climate. Which is why I am writing this blog! I apologize that I had to take an elongated break from writing, blogging and social media in order to move across the country. I miss Colorado but I LOVE excitement and adventure. And new places mean new adventures. So, instead of hiking the mountains and writing, I’ll be walking the beach and hiding in the shade as I write in the sand!

     As a result of this new change I am a bit behind on finishing book three but will have it finished and published by the end of Summer or beginning of Fall. I am also planning a new paranormal series in the YA book genre and have hopes to also start a NA series soon as well. But I will be slowing production down a bit. Instead of publishing 3-4 books a year, I am only going to publish two. Mostly because I need to work on other things too include making my content exactly what you need and crave so that I bring you stories you can’t wait to pick. And can’t seem to put down once you do. But I am not quitting any time soon. I love writing and will be bringing you more stories to fill your kindles and shelves. The ideas in my head are endless!

            But I know you want books to hold you over! I will be continuing to send out Newsletter but I am reducing them to once a month unless there is a release of one of my books. Then it will increase. I will continue to send you discounts on great books you will enjoy and awesome giveaways. I will be hosting even more on my Facebook page and Twitter so make sure to follow me there as well. Feel free to contact me at any time. I love hearing from my fans! In the meantime, if you love really good vampire stories (where they don’t sparkle), I have one for you. My friend Tiki Kos has a new book out and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good vampire romance. It’s called Merc Brown and you can purchase it here for only 0.99 cents.

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January Ramblings

Hello my lovelies!

     December came and went and now it’s already mid-way into January. I can’t believe how the time has flown. This year has been a crazy, albeit exciting journey. I finished my first full length novel, published and then finished and have set Awoken: The Jewel Trilogy book 2 to release THIS Friday. Book 3 is almost complete as well and will release early summer. I have plans set and mapped for a new series about witches and the fae. I think you will love it.

     Other news, I know I briefly mentioned before we (my family and I) are moving. We are leaving the place we’ve called home for the past five years and are moving to Georgia. Which so happens to be one of my favorite states. And where my new novel series is set. It’s bitter sweet to leave though because I’ve fallen in love with the state of Colorado and its unique beauty, but I am an adventure junkie and am excited to see what awaits me around the next corner. And close to the beach, yay!! I will be investing in tons of sunscreen because I’m ginger but the prospect of writing in the sand as the waves crash into the shore, makes me happy.

    As some of you know my books are written in various places. Over the summer I would hike up trails with beautiful views and then write. Now, due to the chill in the air I’ve been hiking on a treadmill and then slapping the words down after. But I honestly think beauty in words and art are derived from and inspired by the splendor that is naturally made around us.

    So, that is where things are at. I’m going to have another wonderful busy year and I look forward to expanding to do book signings and a few comic conventions (that I already frequent as it is). But I need my loyal readers help! I need you to tell me what you thought of my first two books. Did you like them? What did you think would have made it better? You can let me know one of two ways. You can leave a review on Amazon here. Or you can email me at trishbeninatoauthor@gmail.com. I want to hear your thoughts, because I want to bring you stories that you love. I am always improving. Have a wonderful month! And don't miss out on awoken's release on January 19, 2017! Buy it here.


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Top Ten Book Addictions

Hey ya’ll,

            It’s blog time. I had to recently think about and write down my top ten addictions for an amazing blogger and editor who spent hours upon hours of fixing my hot mess of a manuscript. Only, I thought she meant fiction addictions! I thought it would be a perfect thing to share with you all as well. One of the selections is not young adult, I will admit, but I have hug fiction crush on one of the characters. The Faefever is not for the young, at all its very mature content, but I love Jerricho Barrons enough to include it. And I think Dani is my all-time favorite characters as well.

            As for the rest of my selection, I have been vigorously, well as vigorous as I have time too, reading young adult novels that are similar in nature to my own books. I love mythology retellings, anything Fantasy and I’m digging all the new fairytale twists. Every once in a while, I’ll even pick up a vampire series. There were so many I loved it was hard to decide. And trust me it might even change down the road!

            I want to discuss my top three; starting with the Runes series by Ednah Walter. I actually found this book at my local library and fell in love. Torin and Raine have a relationship that makes you want to read more and the Norse mythology made it even more interesting. Ednah is an amazing writer and she is definitely on my list of authors I one day want to be like. Her writing is literally that good. Her first book of the series is even for free right now! I’ll link it below.

            The immortal Descendants by April White was another page turning that had me on the edge of my seat with each new book. This one was a time travel series and had a different take on special abilities such as shapeshifting and vampires. Saira’s personality and toughness had me wishing I was like her. And Archer’s devotion made me really wish I was like her. April white did a splendid job creating a world of action, suspense and high stakes that made me crave the next book. I highly recommend it!

            Lastly, the Gatekeeper’s Daughter and Descent are a close tie. They were both very good Greek mythological retellings. I put Gatekeepers daughter first because the story between the two main characters, Therese and Thanos seemed like a real relationship with very real issues. Well, for the most part. I mean we can’t all be gods! But I really enjoyed it. I read it after I wrote Acceptance and realized Eva Pohler and I used similar characters. Although, my book is wrapped around some Greek and some Egyptian mythology and hers is just Greek. She did a excellent job on building her story. I liked how she introduced new Greek characters and wrapped them into the story. As for Descent by L.A Starkey she made me throughout the book fall in love with the two brothers in her books as well. I found myself feeling for the character because I was in my head going, “Damn, girl who are going to choose?” The story did end a little abruptly and it left me wanting to know more, but it was still a great story, that is on my top faves and I highly, highly recommend picking it up!!  

            The rest if you feel the need to pick up some new literature I give them thumbs up as well.

I will provide links to my top 4 below if you are interested in purchasing!


Top ten addictions

1. Runes series by Ednah Walters

2. Immortal Descendants by April white

3. Gatekeepers Daughter by Eva Pohler

4. Descent by L.A Starkey

5. The Legend of the Blue Eyes by Kristin McMichael

6. The Immortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

7. The Giver by Lois Lowry (always my favorite time of the school year)

8. Sand Runner by Vera Brooks

9.(On the adult side) Fae Fever by Karen Marie Moning

10. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


Until next time,


After writing this blog, Ednah Walter’s passed away. She was truly an inspiration to us other authors and I am truly sad that the world has lost such an amazing writer. Ednah yo

Writing Playlist

     I thought I would share my writing playlist. If you’ve read my books, then you know I like strong females. And although one of my stories, the heroine is saved by a guy she realizes she loves, for the most part my characters do not need saving, and even at times do the saving. I like kick ass females, what can I say! So, I compiled a list of songs that get me in the mood for some badass girl power. Check out my playlist below and if you have any suggestion to add, let me know!

1.     River by Bishop Briggs

2.     O.D.D by Hey Violet

3.     Oath by Cher Loyd

4.     I Love It by Icona Pop

5.     Run the World by Beyonce (Duh)

6.     Closer by Tegan and Sarah

7.     Malibu Miley Cyrus

8.     The Greatest by Sia

9.     Born This Way Lady Gaga

10.  That’s My Girl Fifth Harmony

11.  True Disaster by Tove Lo

12.  Sorry Not Sorry Demi Lovato

13.  Good Life Sweet California


My Writing Process

     I always get stumped when others ask me, what is your writing process? Why? Because honestly, I’m not sure I have a process. I sometimes feel more like someone who just has this crazy idea out of nowhere that drives me crazy. It could be just that I wish they would make a story like this and then my crazy imagination goes off on a tangent of the main character would be perfect like this and so on. And then the story kind of tells itself. At least until I finish it, then I go back and make magic happen. I say magic, but what I really mean is tons of un-fun editing.

     Stories, in written form always have come easy for me. Since I was a little girl, I would fall asleep to a story that I dreamed up inside my head or I would sneak a light in the night as I finished a new book obsession. I would like to say I always wanted to be a writer, but that’s not true. I wanted to an artist and a teacher. It wasn’t until I decided to start putting the stories that were in my head down on paper and bravely had someone read- and they didn’t hate it, that I finally found my passion. This was finally the creative outlet I had been searching for.

    For those of us that are creative, it’s almost like a need. I have to create, I have to make things- stories, or paintings. Otherwise, I am would probably go crazy! Or maybe I am and I don’t realize it. Either way that was how I found my love of writing. All of the beauty I hind inside my head began to stream out onto my computer as if there was finally a sigh of relief. I have found what I truly was meant to do in this life.

    So, no I don’t have a particular style. I follow the story and the characters journey. I record it, and I let them reveal to me what they want as the story unfolds. Then I go back and make it something people want to read. Hopefully, people actually like. So far so good. I do in my stories prefer strong female leads. I lean towards my stories having a romance in the story, but at the same time I don’t want my characters to be reliant on their love interest in the thank you for saving me with your love kind of way. I like my female characters to just choose love, and maybe even save the guy for once. I also like to find out what my readers like and try to write (using also the things I love) and try to incorporate them into my writing.

    If you read my first book, Acceptance you will notice that they all have super natural powers they have to learn to use and come to terms with. Sometimes their powers even create tragic events unintentionally. The reason for this is I am a huge fan of Marvel. Since I was a child and before it was cool to be a comic nerd, I was toting around Marvel, DC and Top Cow comics. My most prized possessions are a Wizard signed by Chris Claremont and my photo with Stan Lee. I’m still fangirl-in' all over it.

            Yet, we can’t be successful floating around on a whim with our fan girl (or boy) loves and sheer luck. So, I have for the production of book three incorporated a lot of Derek Murphy’s tips for writing from his Dot Plot, which can be found on his website creativindie.com. And I think it is helping to focus the book more and leading up to a nice epic battle, that even I’m looking forward to! But the characters in my crazy head are still driving the bus and at times scaring the shit out of me in the process! I’ll let you be the judge of if it ends well. J

August Updates

Writing update!

Hey ya’ll,

    I hope you are having an amazing day. It is a lovely day here in Colorado. The sun is shining and it is cool out but not yet nippy. So, here are some updates and progress that is happening for Trish Beninato Books. First, if you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter click on the subscribe link and subscribe. You will then receive all updates on new books, giveaways and exclusive content only for my readers!

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Acceptance released August 15th and in the first week, it received two, 5-star reviews! I am indeed grateful. If you haven’t picked up your copy of Acceptance you can at the link below. I hope you love it. If you already love the book and are craving more. I have good news there is a short story compilation that all my subscribers receive. These short stories have many of the minor characters in it and paint a story you don’t get to see from Jewel’s perspective. It’s called Activated.

Are you dying for book two of the series? Well, I just finished it and am now reviewing the rough draft for content and preparing to send to my beta readers. After that my amazing editor, Nicole Hewitt will show me what needs to be better. As of right now, the tentative release date is November. A good book takes a little bit of time, but before you know it, it will be in your hands!

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The Journey

Sometimes I wonder how other authors become inspired to write. For me it starts as a small little idea of something I like or a story I wish had been told and then the characters just present themselves and start talking to me. I know what you are thinking, sounds crazy right? Well- maybe. But crazy makes for a great story.

                  Then I just start writing. And the writing turns into something magical. It’s as if when I write the scenes in my head they are playing like a movie. With Jewel in Acceptance I could hear her hesitation or confusion, even her fear. I let the characters go where thy wanted and tell their story and that is what Jewel and Anubis did. I’ve enjoyed being the storyteller.

                  I started writing while working my day job. I would show up a little early just to get a few paragraphs in and stay later for a few more. With three kids, a husband that was always gone due to work and a full-time job, it was tough, but I realized this was something I truly loved to do. So, I just did it.

                  I hope you all enjoy my first book as much as I enjoyed writing it and please sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on new releases, giveaways and more. And if you read Acceptance and liked it, feel free to leave a review or comment here on my page. 



Trish Beninato