Gale is a girl who is waiting for the day she activates with special abilities. Most people take after a parent. And she has two parents with two very different abilities. She is contemplating which one she will receive as she is hiking through the woods. After she encounters danger, she is saved by someone unexpected. She activates in the process and discovers what her new powers are. And an even more unexpected relationship begins. Will she accept this relationship?

Andrew thought he was going to become like his parents, but instead, tragedy strikes and changes his world forever. Can he learn to control his new gift? Can he get past the tragedy that took his parents?

Monica started her activation as a young immature girl. She now spends her days around people who fear she will abuse her powers once again, but Andrew doesn't treat her like the others do and she still has yet to fully activate. Monica wants more than anything for Andrew to just like her back. But he has issues of his own. Can she talk him into giving her a chance?

Teddy has always just been the sidekick to his best friend Jewel. Yet, he never minded it. But when she starts to become too busy for him, he is on his own journey to discovering more about himself. And that discovery might be more than he is ready for.

Life changes when you Activate.

Please enjoy these short stories from characters in Acceptance and the first two chapters of Acceptance out for preorder and for order August 15, 2017.